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The five-star hotel with an international mattress brands

Adopt international five-star hotel mattress brands are thinking ripple mattresses, Simmons , Serta , etc. , of which the most famous Simmons . But as an international brand mattresses , these mattresses have a common characteristic , mattress prices are high , but the level is much higher than domestic brands of mattresses . As for the domestic brands of mattresses are excluded from the five-star hotel mattress procurement plan , the reason than the unreliable, domestic mattress brand quality issue could ensue.
Consider purchasing the five-star hotel of international brand mattress , the mattress is the high cost of love choice, for two reasons : one , love mattress mattress is dedicated to the international brand OEM OEM, ODM manufacturers, OEM currently has five international brands , and have been working together for at least five years , so love the mattress has a production level of a variety of international brands of mattresses production technology and processes , as well as quality management ;
Second, the love of the mattress to provide world-class quality brand mattress at the same time , but only need the price of domestic brands of mattresses , which for budget shortfalls five-star hotel, is a unique choice.