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Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress memory foam is used as the material of the mattress , this mattress can absorb and break down the body's pressure , body temperature changes according to different hardness, accurately shaped body contours, bring no pressure , snug fit , effective support while giving the body by medical proven to effectively relieve musculoskeletal pain , adjuvant treatment of cervical and lumbar problems , reduce snoring , insomnia and other multi- turn position , extending deep sleep , improve sleep quality.

Memory foam material properties

Memory foam material is an open cell material viscosity , which is extremely sensitive to temperature , can accurately shape the human body contours. Memory foam mattress material has millions of regular cells with human body silhouette will light to move , in the absence of stress state, to give the body the necessary support.
Extract sex
Originated in space technology , the memory foam biggest feature is the ability to absorb and break down the body's stress. The traditional mattress materials harmful to human has a reaction , spine and joints by squeezing the mattress will feel numbness and pain, people will not consciously turn , affects the quality of sleep. Using memory foam mattress material , can be very good to eliminate the body's stress on the body no reaction mattresses , sleeping on top like floating on a cloud , as the systemic blood circulation, turn over substantially reduced, people will sleep very deep and heavy.
Slow rebound
Resilience refers to the product pressure and subsidence, but does not show a strong rebound in force ( such as clay compression subsidence ) ; when the pressure is removed products will gradually return to its original shape ( such as spring recovery ) . The slow rebound material's high resilience under the destructive experiments can still squeeze subsidence and gradually restored. Squeezed under pressure , slow rebound material's high resilience of the human body and the mattress pressure equalization contact point dispersion can slow deformation adapt oppression objects , but also provide the most uniform supporting force , relax neck and shoulder and waist .
Temperature sensitivity
The improved memory foam material is very sensitive to temperature , according to the different temperatures in various parts of the body to provide a suitable hardness, perfect body shape , curvature of the spine in a natural position to rest and relax. Mattress intimate fit body , avoiding the overhead of traditional mattresses waist bending the neck pain and resulting damage to the spine .
Breathable and antibacterial anti-mite
Memory Foam 's open cell structure , inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites , long-term use is still health and safety , especially for pregnant women and children with allergies to use . At the same time , it is a breathing material , sleep on it people will feel transparent , not hot .
Memory foam mattress either supine or lateral , can make the human body in a relaxed state , especially the cervical spine and spine to fully relax and rest, thereby reducing unnecessary turn over during sleep , reducing snoring , muscle aches and other conditions to increase the depth of sleep .