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latex mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are based on the rubber tree sap, molded by the evaporation, because of their numerous pores, and therefore have a good air permeability; while latex excellent flexibility, not easy to deformation. Good quality latex mattresses by natural latex. It has good elasticity, anti-bacterial anti-mite can also meet the needs of different weight groups, a good supporting force to adapt to a variety of sleeping sleeper. 
Latex is the nature of human sleep good gift, latex mattresses, pillows are the mainstream of the world's advanced countries top bedding. In Europe, they found, fatigue, sleep, and must use natural bedding, providing ongoing support and a soft feel. Latex unique features, not only to meet consumer demand, more in line with the trend of returning to nature new life is to respect yourself, to pursue life's greatest comfort. So every year, millions of Europeans buy natural latex bedding. 

Molded by the evaporation, which itself has numerous pores, good air permeability and because the surface is smooth pores, so the mites can not be attached, and the latex juice has a very important feature is the smell it gives off so many mosquitoes do not willing to close. Excellent elasticity, deformation, washable and durable. Is healthy good material; 

1, the latex itself can not prevent the oxidation process, particularly exposure to ultraviolet light, the oxidation process faster. 
2, the real Latex is not formed, so-called natural latex rubber latex purity of only 20% -40%, most of the protein and carbohydrate. Latex bases must be added before they can extend the storage time. 
3, however, have caused allergic effects latex rubber, about 8% of people would latex allergy. 
Anti-bacterial anti-mite 

According to medical reports, pillows, bedding, mattresses bacteria and dust mites breeding ground, and pillows will spend three years with 10% of the mold, mites droppings and mites throughout ridden corpses. According to medical data, 12% to 16% of people have allergies, and these patients, 25% were due to house dust mite induced allergic; another asthma patients in more than 90% is due to home dust mites , dust mites can be seen the degree of human harm. Due to latex proteins in the oak can inhibit bacteria and allergens lurking. Comply with environmental requirements, can inhibit bacteria, mites breed, and no static, scattered natural milk flavor. So deeply asthma and allergic rhinitis and other respiratory system disorders who deeply troubled benefit [1]. 

Natural latex pillow with thousands of tiny vent mesh structure, these holes can be expelled from the body heat and moisture discharged, but also promote natural ventilation to provide the best natural air conditioning system that allows the air to keep the pillow fresh, healthy . Each season can keep comfort. 
Promote sleep 

The area of contact with the body latex mattress mattress than the average area of contact with the body a lot more, it can spread body weight endurance to reach all aspects of support, with the correct bad sleeping function. Latex mattress with high flexibility to meet the needs of different weight groups. Compared with other types of mattresses, latex mattresses will not produce noise, no vibration, can promote the role of sleep. The average weight of the head suction cover, to supporting all aspects, so that you sleep comfortably stable. 
Resilience and strong 

In addition, using a special process and the formation of natural latex foam mattresses durable, resilient and strong, able to maintain long-term deformation shape. Durable, resilient and strong, long-term deformation shape retention, easy to clean, do not provoke dust, hair easy to carry by hand or machine washing (washing machine), dehydrated with a fan as long as dry or oven drying, no deformation, forever cleaning .