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Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses and spring mattresses mattress used in parallel as a modern, traditional sponge no special sensitivity to temperature, it can not be done on the body curves comprehensive support; foam mattresses poor load bearing capacity, so each once in a while take a brief look at the mattress, a change of direction, to avoid the collapse of human sleeping places. 
The current foam mattress memory foam mattresses, mostly. Memory foam mattress with good resilience properties, greatly reducing the need to toss in bed, thus improving people's quality of sleep. Sleep hundred points with the traditional slow rebound memory foam sponge difference: slow rebound memory foam is a kind of contact with any of the previous sponges have different special materials. Slow rebound memory foam is a kind of body temperature change also according to deformation of the material. When the sea is slow rebound pressure, it does not produce rebound until all the pressure is evenly spread out. When the external compression is stopped it will slowly return to its original shape.


By forming foam mattresses, fit your body weight change, compared with other mattress material, lightweight, comfort and features; while co-sleeping with a partner, he would not have been tossing and uneasy. [1]

Relatively soft foam mattress, lie down on the waist can not hold the power to form, resulting in a state of tension psoas long, long time can cause muscle strain, lumbar disc embolism; sponge mattress breathable poor people in sleep metabolic waste, water vapor will continue to discharge through the skin, mattresses airtight, these wastes can not be distributed, is not conducive to human health.