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Buy mattresses need to focus on some of the details of consumers

Most consumers buy mattress , they usually look at the brand , look at the price , or the pure pursuit of high, low , or the sheer value brand that this is no big problem, but in the moment brands of mattresses mixed environment apparently only concerned with mattress brand and price is not enough , some of the details are also consumers mattress must be concerned about the beloved general finishing a three-point details for reference when consumers buy mattresses .
A mattress trademarks Trademark reaction a mattress brand 's external image, so if it is a serious and responsible enterprise , never in it freely , either whole palm mattress , latex mattress , spring mattress or ordinary foam pad , there will be clearly identified . In addition, there are production house logo , style , registered trademarks , address, telephone , and some companies will have carefully certification. To be sure , those signs are not obvious, or no name, no site could be cottage mattress mattress or garbage mattress.
Two , mattresses workmanship . A high-quality mattress or mattress can get a glimpse of the work detail , because maybe a jumper off can lead to collapse of the mattress fabric . Therefore, high-quality mattress fabric convergence at the elastic consistency , there is no obvious folds, no floating line , jumper ; hemming , corner arc symmetry, no She Really side of the phenomenon , dental floss straight, at first glance the feeling is on the mattress grade. Also depends on the network under the mattress , lying on top of turning back and forth whether to hear the sound of metal friction , as well as bed nets is smooth, uniform support.
Third, the mattress material . For the mattress , the mattress mattress material relating to comfort, durability. First , the entire spring mattress core , a spring mass , the number of turns , the size can determine the quality of a mattress , secondly , some of the cushion material , such as the presence of formaldehyde mat , sponge hardness and elasticity is good enough , and even some unscrupulous businessmen to put the mattress cushion fabric trim, black cotton , industrial waste, weeds , etc., this not only affects the comfort of the mattress , but also affect the health of consumers .