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Cotton Spring Mattress

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 Linked of Cotton Spring Mattress
Traditional mattress is a thick circle diameter spring steel wire linked to a fixed , high hardness , sleep feeling hard, but elastic support resistance less obvious , easily involved, most of the older generation of elders or domestic because the Japanese lifestyle effects more commonly used link -spring bed , but if long accustomed to sleeping in a fixed position or sit on the bed and corners , or no flip mattress regularly , could easily lead to depression and elastic fatigue .
Line steel of Cotton Spring Mattress
Entire mattress every tailor a spring steel wire to the end of the bed from the wound bed , and then link up in parallel , creating a unique line of steel mattress in the supporting force , the average degree of force and pressure dispersion is all spring structure is the most robust one.
High elasticity of Cotton Spring Mattress
High elasticity of the spring wire diameter of 1.8mm, made after a spring steel wire connected into the entire mattress , used in making steel, high carbon steel heat heating can be bent 90 degrees and the same type , and therefore has a high resilience , and both Q soft elastic characteristics.
Independent cylinder of Cotton Spring Mattress
Separate cylinder springs loaded into non-woven or cotton bags , then glued or ultrasonic means close together, the more the number of turns of the spring means that the higher the spring body , softness greater number of turns six or seven laps laps for most, number of pieces arranged spring body size based on places spring diameter , inner diameter smaller the required spring body , the more it harder mattress . Not based on an independent tube mattress spring steel buckle links , but the dolphin each "independent" , even if the side stand pillow move will not affect another person 's sleep , while the average bear throughout the body of each placement pressure, so that the body not because of vacant and pain, the so-called ergonomic advantages . Respect to the coupling springs , independent cylinder mattresses to sleep feeling softer , but fine tube which supports the independence and linked springs are comparable .
High support independent cylinder of Cotton Spring Mattress
High support independence as a separate cylinder tube which ㄧ mattress types , their manufacturing process and generally independent of tube arrangement and the mattress the same, but used in the refining spring diameter of 2.4mm high-carbon steel , spring a few pieces designed to 660 Pieces ( 5 ft ) , while maintaining stability can sleep without feeling too soft and is accustomed to using a hard bed the best choice for consumers .
Cellular independent tube of Cotton Spring Mattress
Cellular independent cylinder barrel mattress as an independent one type, material and practices vary, generally separate tube using parallel , independent of its cellular staggered tube special is taken , can reduce the gap between the spring , to enhance support and elasticity function , again reducing mattress surface driving forces , more close to the body curve, increase the average stress -sharing and a sense of flexibility and elasticity to sleep .
Separate bags of Cotton Spring Mattress
What independent bags , is to put pressure on each individual body after a spring loaded fill bags with non-woven bags , coupled with links arranged , and then glued together, it is a bed net. Bed sponge layer of glue online face generally , so that each bag of spring are able to force uniform , when used will feel more comfortable. Each spring are used exceptionally strong wire bent around into a " barrel " ; Then after compression process , sealed in tough, fibrous bag , effectively prevent mold or insects, and to avoid internal friction between the spring and shaking noise ; strict designed in accordance with ergonomic three- partition independent spring , better able to follow the body's curves and weight and flexible expansion , even supporting each part of the body , keeping the spine naturally straight, so that the muscles are fully relaxed , decreased sleep stand times. A special feature is the operation of each spring body are separate , independent support , can be individually scalable, each spring and then to fiber bags, woven bags or cotton bags up, and between different columns viscose spring bags then bonded to each other , and more advanced continuous non-contact technology enables a vertical spring mattress double mattress can achieve the effect .