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Five-star hotel mattress specifications generally what

In the domestic mattress size , most of them have certain norms , such as are generally two meters long , 1.8 m , 1.5 m , 1.2 m , and the width of those having a length dimension , as well as 0.9 m , the thickness is 23 centimeters, but the common market mattress size is usually 1.2 or 1.5 * 2.0 * 2.0 * 2.0 , or 1.8 , of course, these are mainly for the double mattress , single mattress is 90 cm wide . However, in this hotel mattresses , size requirement is not so strict , such as some hotel mattress requirements 1.35 meters wide, 1.4 meters wide and others have . Back to the topic , then the five-star hotel is generally what size mattress , double mattress is usually 1.5 or 1.8 * 2.0 * 2.0 , I think, most of the hotel procurement or middlemen surely are aware of this size , the only uncertainty should be a five-star hotel with the thickness of the mattress is.

In general, five-star hotel star hotel mattress mattress is relatively high , so the five-star hotel with a mattress in terms of specifications, as well as on the timber or the comfort of the mattress should be higher than the average hotel bed mat. Here to talk about five-star hotel on the main specifications of the mattress , in terms of thickness , typically 25 cm above the five-star hotel is the most common size mattress 28 centimeters . Why five-star hotel than the average hotel mattress mattress will be thicker , in fact, with the production of an unwritten mattress phenomenon : it is generally thicker mattresses , mattress comfort as possible, although this is not absolute, but in most cases, you can think so. In general thickness, mean cushion of the timber , the more common as the market for 23 cm mattress , generally only a single layer of sponge cushion , or a separate memory foam or latex layer, five-star hotel mattress then there will be two to three, and the thickness of each layer can be thicker . So from this situation in terms of thickness greater comfort as possible , of course, more expensive.