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Four, five-star hotel mattress thickness is generally much

For mattresses, generally thicker mattresses, mattress comfort will be better, and easier to fall asleep, so from the thickness of the mattress to distinguish the degree of luxury mattresses offer a viable reference, but for those who use inferior materials or straw, hair, etc. as mattress filler is not in this discussion as well. In view of this, with a thickness to define the four-star hotel with five-star hotel mattress mattress distinction is logical.
Then four, five-star hotel mattress thickness in the end is how much, in general, four-star hotel mattress thickness or height of 25 cm or more, while five-star hotel mattress thickness or height at 28 cm or more. Of course, the hotel according to their own situation, choose the appropriate height, four-star hotel mattress thickness of 30 cm can be customized, and the five-star hotel mattress thickness of 25 cm can be made, or even lower.