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Hotel Mattress procurement technical requirements

Hotel mattress and some features from the appearance is different from the general civilian aspects of mattresses, plain fabric , simple design, luxury hotels and rich inner mattress is preferred conditions . If you say the hotel mattress procurement technical requirements, this is the hotel which should be one of the technical requirements of the mattress . Secondly hotel mattress mattress distinct from civilian Another point is that the hotel mattress fire retardant requirements must be strictly more, from sponges to the fabric have different degrees of fire retardant requirements.
    Hotels procurement technical requirements of the two mattresses , hotel mattresses size requirements, in terms of thickness , the general budget hotels , guesthouses , inns mattress with a thickness of 20 centimeters mostly ; -star hotel in such a low-end , two , three-star hotel , hotel chains mattresses are mostly between 20 - 25 cm ; four , five-star hotel mattress are mostly 25 - 30 five-star hotels , there are some 30 cm mattress selection the thickness of the above . The length and width of the mattress about the hotel , then depending on the actual situation of the hotel to be, such as double , usually 1.5 or 1.2 * 2.0 * 2.0 .
    Hotel Mattress procurement technical requirements of the three, hotel mattresses detail process, the use of raw materials ( poor quality of raw materials will affect the overall functionality and durability of the mattress ) , detailed workmanship, tuck full flower , delicate , three-dimensional sense of strong, edge corner friendly design, the design of the wind hole and so on.