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    Ai Di  is specialized in manufacturing top quality mattress. We own the international latest technologies equipment and professional design capability. 

    We are passionate about making quality products that will provide pressure-relieving support is essential for rejuvenating the body and promoting health. We control our own production lines and are vertically integrated to make sure you receive the best quality: 

    Our 4 modern manufacture workshops have a total area of 100,000m2 with a total 500 well trained technical workers totally located at Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The yield per year can reach around 2500 containers and they are being distributed to all over the world. 

    We have been working closely with many well-known brands for their OEM mattress and supply projects for international hotels. Our products and project are in the world such as France, USA, UK, Brazil, Germany, Cyprus, Middle East, Norway, Dubai, Australia, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia & so on. 

    We want our customers to be happy with Ai Di mattress and have a great experience with our company and products. Taking care of our customers, employees, and suppliers to build lasting, meaningful and beneficial relationships, is not just good business. It makes life enjoyable.